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Future Projects

OMG! Homies...you will not believe how many projects I have pending! You, your children and your children's children will be reading new material from me long after I am dust floating over San Francisco Bay; I STILL won't be finished saying all I have to say! Currently, I'm at seventy-plus manuscripts, spanning three of the four classical genres and  the Aristotelian Unities, plus over seven hundred multi-style poems of life, love and revolution! - w. 


Hola, mis hermanos y hermanas! This "read more" tab will take you to a blog that keeps up with where I am in in currently in the literary production process. You can use my experiences as a road map or....a cautionary tale! 

This also helps to hold me accountable; what's the point of being prolific if if I never get any of it into print for the masses? Put on your glasses; there's a lot to read. Bookmark as you need. -w. 

Production Blog

​Greetings, friends! To find where I am reciting next or have already read, go to the tab above that says "About The Author." But...if you want to know what READERS think about my writing, click on this tab that says "read more."
The most rewarding part of being an author is the feedback I get from readers - both positive and negative. It keeps me on my toes; helps me imagine different scenarios...and helps me improve my flows for my shows. :) -w.