Poet / Author / Activist
"Writing about REAL people in the REAL Detroit and saving the world...one novel at a time." - WL Bush
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Welcome gentle readers. Browse my titles and see why CBS NEWS selected me as one of the BEST LOCAL AUTHORS IN DETROIT. I can also set fire to the mic and we'l have to spend the rest of the night going cordless, 'cause the wire caught fire.

Besides my literary services in all genres and charity work, I write novels  about the he triumphs and travails of Detroiters. Find information and excerpts for all of my published works on this website. Note: HANNA VALENTINE, my epic spin on the life and loves of FRIDA KAHLO, is now available in paperback and e-book.

CBS News article link: http://detroit.cbslocal.com/top-lists/best-local-authors-in-detroit-2/

Check for scheduled events/readings/signings, to purchase autographed copies and stay tuned for freebies! Also, feel free to ask me questions about the work or the process that creates them; I answer them on the Q & A page of this website.
There are detailed descriptions and comparisons of my published work on the Available Titles page of this site! All of my works include exotic locations but center around REAL PEOPLE and REAL DIALOGUE in THE REAL DETROIT!

wlbush66@yahoo.com (248) 837-9592

WL BUSH will be performing a recitation and signing autographed copies of his novels at:

1. Michigan Welfare Rights Organization greets Michael Ostertagg, "We Are Not Dead", poetry performance. 3/25/14, 5:30 PM, Central United Church on Woodward at Adams.

2. Oakland University, Marick Press, poetry performance and Q&A. 3/27/14, 6:30 PM, 212 Kresge Library, Auburn Hills, MI.

3. Harrison Township Public Library, National Poetry Month, poetry/novel reading, Q&A, and signing. 4/30/13, 6-8 PM, 38151 L'Anse Creuse near Metropolitan Parkway and Crocker, Harrison Township.

DONATIONS: Donate ANY amount, here to help crowd-fund reading support services for children and the elderly, and the creation of local quality art!  Or...simply scroll below to purchase. You can also navigate to Available Titles for detailed descriptions. -w.

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"WL Bush is by far the most original mind and most captivating personality [to come along] in years!" – Melanie Schuster, author of "Lucky In Love".

"HANNA VALENTINE is so abusive! It's so TWISTED! But the dialogue is amazing and in perfect tone." - Kristin Sanchez, reader.

"Almost too well written; If I hadn't lived it, I would never have believed it!"
-Joe Bosco - Philanthropist/Producer.

"Sometimes people write TOO much life until you can't stand it any more and you say, Okay! I get it! This is what you've been through; this is Detroit!'"
Homer Kirkwood, poet.

"Remember this, G, because I'm only going to tell it to you once: beauty is always more than skin-deep."
-Hanna Valentine, visual artist.

-David Hill, Editor-In-Chief, The CapeTowner.